If you properly care for your body and face, then neither stress nor the change of seasons will make the radiance and freshness of the skin gloomy. Your skin needs proper care. Cosmetology is a whole science that studies the aesthetic problems of the human body, their etiologies, manifestations and methods of correction, as well – a set of techniques aimed at correcting the aesthetic problems of a person’s appearance.

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Cosmetology services

Correction of a figure on the device “STARVAC”

STARVAC is a professional physiotherapeutic vacuum-roller massager, an innovative development in the endermology of engineers and doctors of the French company MedicSystem. It has all the positive effects of manual massage, improves skin tone and speeds up its renewal, stimulates blood flow and lymph flow, simulates the outlines of the figure, helps to lose weight, speeds up the elimination of toxins, increases muscle activity, has a noticeable anti-stress effect. One massage on the STARVAC device replaces 4 manual massages. The device combines the effects of local vacuum decompression and roller massage.

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Since ancient times, people have used water treatments to rejuvenate and improve skin condition. Currently, whirlpool treatments are very popular and effective method for losing weight. Hydro massage removes excess fluid from the body, helps to lose weight without exercise and diet. Together with the normalization of water balance, you get a beautiful body without cellulite and fatty deposits. The technique also relieves the spine and joints. The procedure is even more effective than spinal traction. Hydromassage effectively and harmlessly relieves pressure from nerve endings, eliminates spasms and pain.

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Aesthetic cosmetology

Beauty and youth need to be cherished – every girl knows this. But it’s not as easy to provide yourself the right facial care as it may seem. Aesthetic cosmetology is a concern for beauty in its traditional sense. These are various pleasant complexes of procedures aimed at cleansing, restoration, rejuvenation and prevention of age-related changes of the skin, which not only improve the appearance, but also bring pleasant sensations.

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Face cleaning

Professional facial cleansing helps rid the skin of toxins, cleanse the pores and return cells to the ability to breathe normally. As a result, the complexion improves, fine wrinkles are smoothed, hated black spots and inflammatory elements disappear, cell regeneration is accelerated.
To carry out the manipulation requires consultation with a doctor.

Atraumatic cleansing of the face Holy Land 60 min from 1800 rub
Mechanical cleaning HL from 40 min from 2500 rub
Mechanical cleaning HL back from 30 min from 2800 rub
Mechanical cleaning HL neckline from 30 min from 2000 rub
Combined cleaning HL 60 min 2500 rub
Problem skin care HL 60 min 2500 rub
Atraumatic cleansing (deep revision of the skin) 90 min 2700 rub
Combined cleaning (for all skin types) 90 min 3000 rub

Care procedures

Treatments on pharmaceutical cosmetics "DMK Danne Montague-King" (USA)
DMK (Danne) is a professional line of cosmetics based on enzyme therapy, which has been on the market for 45 years and is the world leader in the correction of skin problems, both cosmetic and a number of dermatological. The DMK system has a clear concept, respecting which you always get the result (delete, restore, protect and maintain). No types - there is a skin condition!
DMK procedures and home care are indicated for patients with age-related changes, seborrhea, acne and its consequences, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, rosacea, scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

Triple face mask
This is the process of strengthening and tightening all subcutaneous structures and elements. Tightens and restores skin function.
90 min 4200 rub
Mask quick beauty
Lifting express procedure based on the action of peeling with acid DMK.
50 min 2300 rub
Lymphatic drainage
It normalizes the metabolic processes of the skin, removes toxins, improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin with oxygen and strengthens blood vessels.
90 min 3500 rub
"Training of vessels" (with couperosis)
The procedure is aimed at improving blood circulation, activation of tissue respiration and epidermis compaction.
90 min 3500 rub
Melanotech procedure with hyperpigmentation
It slows down the formation of melanin and evens out skin tone.
90 min 4100 rub

Alginate masks "Casmara"

Alginate mask is a new generation cosmetic product. It is made on the basis of a substance derived from brown algae. The advantage of alginate masks is that their use favorably affects the skin due to its ability to retain moisture. Due to active mineralization, it improves the appearance and color of the skin, helps to maintain a lasting lifting effect; provides correction of a face form; tightens pores and smoothes wrinkles; It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Absorbing black mask 1000 rub
Mask "Cell elixir" 1500 rub
Mask with vitamin C 1000 rub
Mask for sensitive skin 1000 rub
Moisturizing face mask 1500 rub
Antioxidant mask with green tea 1500 rub
Regenerating mask 1000 rub
Mask Goji 1000 rub

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