Peeling massage

Peeling massage is a procedure for cleansing the skin of the whole body, performed using special cleansing agents. As a result of this procedure, the top layer of dead cells is removed, the skin is cleared of impurities, it becomes smooth, smooth and elastic.

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Peeling starts the process of renewal and rejuvenation of the skin, so cleanliness and freshness are natural and obligatory sensations after the procedure. The combination of peeling massage and classic massage in one procedure is a unique opportunity to combine in one session all the benefits of skin cleansing and deep impact on the muscles of the whole body. Peeling massage has a number of advantages: the use of natural scrubs (ground coffee beans or fruit seeds, sea salt, dry herbs) has both a mechanical and chemical effect on the skin, cleansing it from impurities and dead cells and stimulating deep recovery; Classic massage is performed using natural oil, heated to a pleasant temperature for the body, which allows to moisturize the skin with high quality and saturate it with useful substances; confident hands of the master have an impact on the most clamped and requiring the closest attention areas of the body, give a feeling of lightness and relaxation. In our center we apply classic peeling massage, volcanic, algal, rice, oil-salt peeling massage and many others.

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Peeling massage

We often do not have enough time to be alone with ourselves. BABOR SPA gives these precious moments and helps to find your “I”, an individual approach. Individual effect. Tangible result. The new author's concept of avoiding massage by Ricky Welsh BABOR Effektive Touch Body combines traditional and modern massage techniques, leaving uniquely combining elements of acupressure, massage of reflex zones and the spine, osteopathic techniques, the synergistic effect of which activates the organism's meridians.

Classic peeling massage
Comfortable peeling of medium intensity. With thermal water Aachen, zeolite (volcanic lavender), menthol and avocado oil. Smooths micro-relief of the skin, moisturizes and nourishes. Suitable for dry skin.
40 min 2150 rub
Oil-salt peeling massage 40 min 2250 rub
Peeling medium intensity. Removes the feeling of tightness, gives velvety and tenderness to your skin.
40 min 2250 rub


Moisturizing wrap
Intensively moisturizing and soothing treatment that makes the skin velvety and smooth, softens, strengthens the natural protective barrier and stimulates blood circulation.
60/90 min 3400/4900 rub
Algal wrap
Contributes to the toning of the skin and the removal of excess fluid and toxins from the body. Moisturizes the skin and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves the elasticity of connective tissue.
60/90 min 3400/4900 rub
Chocolate wrap
It is the richest source of microelements and vitamins, has a unique moisturizing, antioxidant, tonic properties, as well as activates the metabolism. In addition, it is an excellent antioxidant.
60 min 2100 rub


Milk-salt bath
Favorably affects the condition of the skin, makes it less sensitive to external stimuli, soothes the nervous system.
20 min 900 rub
Milky-herbal bath
Due to milk proteins, skin elasticity is increased, and herbs of lemon balm, rosemary and sage give a unique healing effect.
20 min 1000 rub
Pearly bath
It has a beneficial effect on the physical and emotional state, relieves the tension of the muscles of the whole body and calms the nervous system.
30 min 1300 rub

Spa massage

Restorative spa massage
Massage fortifying action, is the key to long-term preservation of health stimulates the work of all organs and systems.
60 min 2400 rub
Warming spa massage
Restoration of the body after sports loads. Deep warming helps to improve muscle metabolism.
60 min 2400 rub
Antistress spa massage
Relaxing massage with a soft, but deep study removes physical and moral fatigue, neutralizes nervous tension. It is aimed at improving the emotional state, restoring harmony.
60 min 2400 rub
Spa back massage
Massage allows you to relieve tension and strain on the spine and strengthen the back muscles.
30 min 1200 rub
Spa massage of the cervical collar zone
This massage is used to improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue in the neck and collar area.
20 min 800 rub
Hydro massage
Underwater hand massage. It improves the contours of the body, strengthens the vascular walls, relieves fatigue.
20/40 min 1000/1800 rub
Spa head massage
Thanks to the eastern technique of point exposure, it helps to relieve and eliminate headaches, relieves stress, strengthens hair.
15 min 600 rub
Spa foot / foot massage
Foot massage activates venous lymphatic drainage, relieves muscle fatigue after physical exertion, improves health.
20/40 min 1200/1800 rub
Anti-cellulite spa massage
This type of massage is one of the best methods of combating cellulite and is aimed at improving metabolic processes. It leads to a decrease in body volume, improves muscle tone and skin elasticity
60 min 2400 rub
Lymphatic drainage spa massage
Conducted in order to eliminate excess fluid from adipose tissue, improve lymphatic drainage, active elimination of toxins. Lymphatic drainage massage is an important part of the anti-cellulite program.
60 min 2400 rub

Wax depilation

Lip upper 450 rub
Armpits 670 rub
Belly line 450 rub
Bikini area 1350 rub
Bikini area (deep) 1800 rub
Buttocks 700 rub
Hands to elbow 900 rub
Hands totally 1400 rub
Legs to knees 900 rub
Legs totally 1400 rub

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