«The philosophy of health and beauty»

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We invite you to travel to the world of health and beauty, where you can feel the harmony of soul and body, hear the tide of new vitality. 5MIROV is a licensed, modern center of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology of the new generation. Here you will experience a special relation to yourself. The pride of the center is reliable, innovative equipment, certified medical specialists, high quality procedures, the best cosmetics world and a stylish interior. The philosophy of the company combines a professional approach to the impeccable beauty and comfortable conditions of the center of recreation so that you feel the most desirable guest. Give yourself a quality departure and a blissful relaxation.

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If you properly care for your body and face, then neither stress nor the change of seasons will make the radiance and freshness of the skin gloomy. Your skin needs proper care. Cosmetology is a whole science that studies the aesthetic problems of the human body, their etiologies, manifestations and methods of correction, as well – a set of techniques aimed at correcting the aesthetic problems of a person’s appearance.

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Body care

In the modern, broad understanding of the SPA – this procedure for healing the body, which uses water in all its manifestations – from seaweed wrapping and salt peels to thermal baths. But the SPA today is not only a cosmetological procedure, it is a whole ritual aimed at clearing slags, rejuvenating and improving the condition of the skin, activating metabolic processes in the body as a whole.

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The bath complex

The bath complex of the health and beauty center “5MIROV” is a combination of modern sophistication, old traditions and author’s techniques. Enjoy first-class relaxation and our unique treatments that allow you to feel the atmosphere of perfect harmony. We have gathered the most famous bath traditions from all over the world – Roman and Alpine soft baths, an exquisite Turkish hammam, hot Russian and Finnish steam rooms, oriental aroma saunas. Do not forget to relax and temper in the jacuzzi and font – there is nowhere to hurry.

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Men’s cosmetology

For some reason, it is believed that men do not have to monitor their body, and they do not need to visit a beautician or do cosmetic procedures at home. However, modern business men are increasingly visiting beauty salons without losing their masculinity, because not only women want to look young and beautiful. Modern men’s cosmetology has some special features. An active lifestyle, constant sleep deprivation, regular shaving, frequent stresses are not reflected in the best way on the condition of men’s skin, which also needs extra care. The skin of men is rougher than that of women, while it is more sensitive. Collagen in the male skin is produced more actively than in women, but age-related changes appear somewhat differently – under the eyes, in the lips and nose, in the deep folds on the forehead.

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Our advantages


Certified doctors, cosmetologists and aesthetists on the body, individually selected visiting programs and a well-designed diet and guest mode.


The equipment of market leaders in the USA and Europe was personally tested by the founders of the center to ensure the comfort and efficiency of each visit. Technology and the right cosmetics – the secret of healthy youth and aesthetics for a long time.


We provide a holistic approach to each guest. We make a personal medical card that provides a full diet, home care and a complex of necessary services of the clinic.

Ergonomic space

5MIROV is 500 square meters of technological space in the city center – Sevastopol. We have thought through every corner to the smallest detail, drawing on the experience of the best SPA centers and medical centers of the new generation.


There is no “hospital atmosphere”: only a warm soft bathrobe, a favorite drink, a separate dressing room, a relaxation area and caring staff. 5MIROV – free space of your beauty, where you want to return.


«The philosophy of health and beauty»