Laser cosmetology

The presence of unwanted hair in women, hyperpigmentation and moles can lead to a complex of complexities, so many young girls use modern methods to improve their appearance.

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More about laser cosmetology

Laser cosmetology is used in many cases: unwanted body hair; visible subcutaneous vessels; birthmarks on the face and body; couperose; acne and post acne; stretch marks and scars; aging and flabbiness of the skin. Also, laser procedures have a number of contraindications: diabetes; oncological diseases; chronic skin diseases in the acute stage; herpes; eczema; pregnancy and lactation period. The main advantages of laser treatment include the following factors: safety, the speed of the procedure, instant effect, painlessness, lack of trauma of the skin. In addition to the above, the laser stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the youth of the skin, and this is an excellent prevention of aging!

Price list


Anti-aging injections

Botulinum therapy - the effect of smoothing wrinkles and the elimination of defects on the skin is achieved by introducing a unique preparation (botulinum toxin) under the skin. They help to fight mimic wrinkles, aesthetic deficiencies, and make it possible to maintain an attractive appearance for a long time.

Dysport 60 min 1 unit 120 rub
Boteks 60 min 1 unit 120 rub

Contour plastic

A cosmetological technique, which allows using a non-surgical method, using gel injections, to correct the signs of age-related changes and to model new volumes and contours of parts of the face, and also to eliminate the existing asymmetry. Plastic fillers are an effective technique for modeling the lines of the cheekbones and chin, lip volume, as well as a great way to smooth deep wrinkles, folds in the nose, nasolabial folds, and wrinkles around the mouth, etc. In case of moderately pronounced age-related changes, this is an effective alternative to surgical intervention, allowing to perform complex facial rejuvenation.

Belotero Soft 1 ml - 11550 rub
Belotero Volume2 1ml - 16000 rub
Belotero Balance 1ml - 12500 rub
Belotero Intence 1ml - 14000 rub
Teosyal Redensity 1 ml - 16000 rub
Radiesse 1,5 ml - 18000 rub
Radiesse 3,0ml - 34000 rub
Etermis3 1ml - 14000 rub
Etermis4 1ml - 15000 rub


This is a method of correcting age-related changes and various cosmetic defects with hyaluronic acid. It is recommended for the skin of the face, neck, neck, hands, body.
To carry out the manipulation requires consultation with a doctor.

Teosyal MesoExpert 1ml / 3ml - from 60 min 24000 rub
Filorga NSTF135 HA 3ml - from 60 min 8500 rub
Filorga M-HA 18 1ml - from 60 min 9000 rub
Meso-Warton P199 1,5 ml - from 60 min 14000 rub
Meso-Xanthin F199 1,5 ml - from 60 min 14000 rub
Mesoeye C71 1ml - from 60 min 14000 rub
Aquashine HA BR 2ml - from 60 min 12000 rub
Juviderm Hydrate 1ml - from 60 min 10000 rub


The procedure improves the condition of the surface layer of the epithelium, provides a rejuvenating effect. Cocktails activate the production of own collagen and accelerate the regeneration processes in the body.
To carry out the manipulation requires consultation with a doctor.

Filorga from 60 min from 4500 rub
Mesolab from 60 min from 3900 rub
Simildiet from 60 min from 4000 rub
Promoitalia from 60 min from 4300 rub

Plasmolifting (PRP-therapy)

Plasmolifting (PRP) is a unique technology of non-surgical rejuvenation, bathroom on the use of the patient's own blood to obtain a special drug - platelet-rich blood plasma. Introduction to the problem areas of the plasma activates the functioning of connective tissue cells, which leads to perfect results of skin renewal. This technique is a progressive direction of aesthetic medicine and is actively used in the leading clinics of the world.
Indications for the procedure (PRP): age-related changes in the skin (decreased elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles); reduced skin turgor;
dry and flaky skin;tired, weakened, pigmented skin;inflammation of the sebaceous glands (acne); hair loss.
To carry out the manipulation requires consultation with a doctor.

The face (2 tubes) 60 min 6000 rub
Face / neck / decollete (4 tubes) 90 min 9000 rub
Neck / decollete (2 tubes) 60 min 5000 rub
Hair (1 test tube) 40 min 3500 rub

Face cleaning

Professional facial cleansing helps rid the skin of toxins, cleanse the pores and return cells to the ability to breathe normally. As a result, the complexion improves, fine wrinkles are smoothed, hated black spots and inflammatory elements disappear, cell regeneration is accelerated.
To carry out the manipulation requires consultation with a doctor.

Atraumatic cleansing of the face Holy Land 60 min from 1800 rub
Ultrasonic face cleaning HL from 30 min 2500 rub
Mechanical cleaning HL from 40 min from 2500 rub
Mechanical cleaning HL back from 30 min from 2800 rub
Mechanical cleaning HL neckline from 30 min from 2000 rub
Combined cleaning HL 60 min 2500 rub
Problem skin care HL 60 min 2500 rub
DMK Danne Montague-King face cleaning (USA)
Atraumatic cleansing (deep revision of the skin) 90 min 2700 rub
Combined cleaning (for all skin types) 90 min 3000 rub


Chemical peeling is the process of removing the upper layers and the subsequent physiological renewal of the skin due to the acceleration of its natural exfoliation. After the first procedure, all flabby skin areas are tightened, acne is reduced, small wrinkles are noticeably smoothed. Chemical peeling helps to improve skin tone, even out its relief and make it more even.
To carry out the manipulation requires consultation with a doctor.

PRX-T33 40 min 5000 rub
PQGE evolution 40 min from 4000 rub
Azelaic (Sesderma) 40 min from 2500 rub
Almond (Sesderma) 40 min from 2500 rub
Salicylic (Sesderma) 40 min from 2500 rub
Retinol (Sesderma) 40 min 3500 rub
Jessner (Sesderma) 40 min from 2900 rub
Jessner + Salicylic (Sesderma) from 3500 rub
Glycolic (Sesderma)

Care procedures

Treatments on pharmaceutical cosmetics "DMK Danne Montague-King" (USA)
DMK (Danne) is a professional line of cosmetics based on enzyme therapy, which has been on the market for 45 years and is the world leader in the correction of skin problems, both cosmetic and a number of dermatological. The DMK system has a clear concept, respecting which you always get the result (delete, restore, protect and maintain). No types - there is a skin condition!
DMK procedures and home care are indicated for patients with age-related changes, seborrhea, acne and its consequences, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, rosacea, scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

Triple face mask
This is the process of strengthening and tightening all subcutaneous structures and elements. Tightens and restores skin function.
90 min 4200 rub
Mask quick beauty
Lifting express procedure based on the action of peeling with acid DMK.
50 min 2300 rub
Lymphatic drainage
It normalizes the metabolic processes of the skin, removes toxins, improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin with oxygen and strengthens blood vessels.
90 min 3500 rub
"Training of vessels" (with couperosis)
The procedure is aimed at improving blood circulation, activation of tissue respiration and epidermis compaction.
90 min 3500 rub
Melanotech procedure with hyperpigmentation
It slows down the formation of melanin and evens out skin tone.
90 min 4100 rub

Injection free carboxytherapy

"Oxygen" mask evens skin tone, has a slight lightening effect, reduces irritation and signs of inflammation, improves skin tone and elasticity.

Carboxytherapy "Genosys" 60 min 2500 rub
"Wow- mask" of the day off
Eliminates mimic and smoothes deep wrinkles. A pronounced regenerative effect is observed after the first procedure - the skin becomes velvety, its texture improves, visible defects and enlarged pores are eliminated.
from 30 min 2000 rub

Alginate masks "Casmara"

Alginate mask is a new generation cosmetic product. It is made on the basis of a substance derived from brown algae. The advantage of alginate masks is that their use favorably affects the skin due to its ability to retain moisture. Due to active mineralization, it improves the appearance and color of the skin, helps to maintain a lasting lifting effect; provides correction of a face form; tightens pores and smoothes wrinkles; It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Absorbing black mask 1000 rub
Mask "Cell elixir" 1500 rub
Mask with vitamin C 1000 rub
Mask for sensitive skin 1000 rub
Moisturizing face mask 1500 rub
Antioxidant mask with green tea 1500 rub
Regenerating mask 1000 rub
Mask Goji 1000 rub
Golden mask for the face 1500 rub


Ultrasonic phonophoresis
This is a complex method of therapeutic effects on the body, combining the effects of ultrasonic vibrations and active cosmetic means.
20 min 700 rub
Ultrasonic peeling mask
This effect on the skin of the waves of a certain spectrum and power. The procedure is compared with a micro massage, which contributes to the heating of the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. Ultrasound penetrates the deeper layers of the epidermis and stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, relieves tissue swelling and stagnation in them.
30 min 1800 rub


Skin rejuvenation with pulsed current, which has a very positive effect.
The soft, delicate effect of microcurrents at the cell level leads to a significant improvement in the microcirculation of the blood and acceleration of metabolic processes.

Face 20 min 1500 rub
The skin of the scalp 20 min 1200 rub


This procedure is excellent for fading skin, problem skin, increases blood microcirculation, reduces inflammation.

Face 20 min 500 rub
Scalp skin 20 min 500 rub


The effect of cosmetic cryomassage is: reducing wrinkles, preventing skin laxity, reducing inflammation, restoring the shape and elasticity of the facial contours.

Cryomassage face 15 min 950 rub
Cryomassage neck 15 min 950 rub
Cryomassage neckline 15 min 950 rub
Cryomassage of the scalp from 10 min 950 rub

Diamond peeling (face)

Cosmetic procedure, the purpose of which is to completely update the skin by getting rid of the upper stratum corneum. The principle of such peeling is based on the destruction at the micro level of the tissues of the epidermis with the help of small diamond crystals.

Face 30 min 1300 rub
Decollete 20 min 1100 rub
Face + decollete 40 min 1900 rub

Non-injection mesotherapy (face)

Needle-free mesotherapy on the “Infusion” device is a revolutionary method of nourishing the skin with cosmetic preparations. Without needles, without pain, without redness and rehabilitation, non-injection mesotherapy allows the skin to receive more than 90% of the absorbed substance, providing the best results in the fight against age-related changes, pigmentation, acne and acne, stretch marks and scars.

Moisturizing face and neck 15 min 1500 rub
Moisturizing face, neck, decollete 25 min 2200 rub
Collagen restoration and smoothing facial wrinkles, neck 15 min 1800 rub
Collagen restoration and wrinkle smoothing of the face, neck, decollete 25 min 2500 rub
Lifting care oval face and neck 15 min 2000 rub
Lifting care oval face, neck, decollete 25 min 2800 rub

Radio-frequency lifting Reaction TM (rf-lifting) (face)

Radio frequency lifting allows you to truly compete with the results of plastic surgery. Individually selected treatment course, taking into account your age-related changes and the biological state of the skin, will allow you to achieve a stunning rejuvenating effect without pain, damage to the skin, surgery, eliminate deep facial creases, tighten the shape of the face and body contour today!

Face 30 min 3300 rub
Face and neck 30 min 3300 rub
Face, neck, decollete 60 min 6000 rub
Neck 15 min 1800 rub
Decollete 15 min 1800 rub
Lower and upper eyelid (non-invasive blepharoplasty)
Chin (face contour correction)
Wrinkles "Goose feet" (eye area)
Forehead wrinkles

Radio Frequency Lifting Reaction TM (rf lifting) (body)

The Reaction apparatus, due to vacuum skin pick-up, is the only 100% safe RF lifting method. Special patented technology allows you to correctly determine the depth and force of impact, which leads to the achievement of the visible and long-term result of lifting, correction of forms and a significant increase in the elasticity of the body.

Belly 40 min 5400 rub
Body sides 30 min 5200 rub
Hips (front surface) 30min 4700 rub
Hips (back surface) 30min 4700 rub
Hips (back surface + buttocks) 60 min 6800 rub
Hips (inner surface) 30 min 4700 rub
Hands (above the elbow) 30 min 4700 rub
Buttocks 25 min 2800 rub
Knee area 20 min 2800 rub

Diamond peeling (body)

Diamond peeling on the apparatus “Rristine” (Israel, USA) - a unique skin exfoliation procedure - removes dead skin cells, while stimulating the growth of new, young cells and the production of collagen with elastin. Instant visible effect!

Shoulders 10-15 min 1650 rub
Forearm + hand 20 min 2000 rub
Shins 15 min 1650 rub
Back 30 min 3200 rub
Abdomen 25 min 3000 rub
Hips (front surface) 25 min 3000 rub
Hips (back surface) 25 min 3400 rub
Buttocks 25 min 3000 rub
Buttocks + thighs (both surfaces) 60 min 6800 rub

Correction of a figure on the device "Starvac" (vacuum-roller massage) (body)

The French device "Starvak" is designed for lymphatic drainage massage and body shaping. It works painlessly and effectively. Unlike other devices, it does not require special clothes, so the specialist sees the processed part of the body, which makes the procedure safe and budget.

Program "Flat belly" 30 min 1400 rub
The program "Treatment of cellulite and restoration of the skin of the thighs" 60 min 2200 rub
Program "Restoration of the shape of the buttocks" 30 min 1400 rub
The program "Correction, restoration of the contours of the thighs and buttocks" 45 min 1800 rub
Program "Segmental back massage" 20 min 1000 rub
The program "Lymphatic drainage of the whole body" 60 min 2800 rub

Treatment of stretch marks and scars

Stretch marks 20 min 1400 rub
Scars of any origin from 15 min from 1200 rub

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